TV Repair

TV Repair

Have a quick and cost-effective TV repair by skilled technicians. The TV repair includes a warranty on components fitted as well. The experts have access to top grade tools and replacement components. If repairs cannot be completed onsite, the TV will be taken to a service centre.

Most TV faults (excluding water and screen damage) can be fixed at a cost which is much less than buying a replacement. Make sure you don't miss out on your favourite show, by getting an out of warranty repair service with the repairers. Whatever faults you are having with your LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED, 4K or 3D TV, Gadget Fixing can offer assistance.

TV Repairs

TV Repairs

Gadget Fixing can connect you with a nationwide network of technicians, who offer TV repairs. Some issues can be resolved onsite although most TV repairs now require special tools and parts because of advancements in TV technology. As such collection and delivery will be booked from any address in the United Kingdom for your convenience.

Television repairs are completed to a professional standard and cover all the main manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Phillips, and Bush, to name just a few examples. Providing great customer service is important to the team and they can answer any questions that you might have about TV repair services. For additional assistance in regards to TV repairs , just enquire with the website form.

Television Repairs

Television Repairs

Gadget Fixing can help you with efficient television repairs. The team use appropriate replacement components and top quality equipment, to ensure all television repairs are long lasting as the repairers have the capability needed to diagnose and repair most problems with your TV. Some of the common TV problems noticed by customers include:

• Missing pixels
• Not turning on
• Faulty display
• No sound
• Tuning fault
• Damaged ports

These are only some of the problems with televisions which can be serviced. You can expect a competitively priced and quick repair service. Each successful television repair includes a warranty, which covers the parts replaced by the staff. Testing of your television is also carried out after every repair service, to ensure it works normally.

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Sony TV Repair

Sony TV Repair

Sony BRAVIA TV repair for LED, LCD, Plasma and 4K models at affordable prices. With UK coverage, your Sony television repair will be completed by professionals.


Should I buy a new TV or get it repaired?

It depends on the brand, value of the TV, and the issue. For example a cheap TV from an obscure brand with a 22 inch or smaller screen, is made to be thrown away if it breaks, because of the inferior build quality.

A premium, HD ready television such as Panasonic, Sony, LG or Samsung is economical to repair however because of the significant cost of a replacement and the supply of replacement components.


How long does a TV repair take?

It depends on the make, model and fault but most TV repairs are carried out within a short time frame.


Does the team offer TV repairs for screen damage?

Unfortunately TV screen repair is not worthwhile, due to the price of getting a screen being often much more than the price of buying a replacement TV.


What is the cost of a TV repair?

The price of a TV repair depends on a number of factors, such as the manufacturer, model, screen size, availability of replacement parts, and the fault you're experiencing.

Once your TV arrives at a workshop and has undergone diagnosis, a full diagnosis and repair price can be given.

dont know the model other than details above cant switch on tv stuck in standby mode

Robert Jenkins

hisence 50 inch tv.will not switch on,blue light displayed.

Peter Murphy

tv not starting and red light blinking n making click sound recurringly.


cant get tv to work

Neil French

i have got lg 3d tv which is flashing or blinking on and of the model no is 47lb650v-zn as it is a 3d tv I would very much like to get fix if possible please

Stuart Phillips

my tv is in need of repair. the screen does not turn on and there is a red flashing light. would someone be able to come out and have a look at it today? what are your costs? thanks max


good morningwe have a 65 inch phillips tv which was accidentally knocked and now the screen has gone faded on one side along with lots of coloired lines up and down one side and the area it was hit is now black. please can you advise if this os something that can be fixed? happy to send pictures or for you to come and have a lookthanks tara

Tara Burnett