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iPod Repair

iPod Repair

Have a high quality iPod repair from the experts. Your iPod repair can be finished quickly, so you don't need to wait too long to get your iPod back in full working order. The technicians are proud of the standard of their work, and regularly get positive feedback from satisfied customers.

The staff can offer screen replacements and battery replacements to fix many different types of faults. With UK coverage, an iPod repair is easy to arrange and much more affordable than purchasing a new iPod. Many iPod problems can be efficiently repaired for modern iPod models, including the iPod Classic, Touch and Nano lines. So if you want a speedy and professional repair, why look elsewhere?

iPod Repairs

iPod Repairs

Out of warranty iPod repairs from an independent service centre. The polite team offers a reliable service for individuals and businesses that require individual or bulk iPod repairs. They know that you want your iPod back as quickly as possible, so work with efficiency without ever sacrificing quality.

Whether it's the iPod Touch, Classic or Nano, the technicians can get it back to fully working order once more. Hardware and software problems are quickly fixed using modern techniques, and high standard replacement components and equipment.

If you have multiple items which you require iPod repairs for, then the professionals can offer a discount, to make the service affordable. Trade discounts are also available, based on how many repairs you require per month. Through a dedicated website you can track your order, for extra confidence about the service.

To organise an iPod repair, get in touch with the experts with the form. You can also phone the iPod repair team on the number provided on this page during opening hours. The helpful staff will be pleased to help and respond to your repair enquiries.

iPod Repairs UK

iPod Repairs UK

We can offer swift and affordable iPod repairs UK by staff who understand how to get iPod's back to good as new condition in next to no time at all. With a dedication towards offering a fantastic service. At the UK based repair centres, they have access to the equipment and parts required for repairs and servicing.

Here is a short list of the most commonly encountered issues that the iPod repairs UK service covers: iPod not connecting to iTunes, replacement battery, cracked LCD screen, faulty headphone jack, iPod screen repair, broken home / volume buttons, and iPod not charging.

If you have an issue that hasn't been included here, don't worry. Regardless of the service you require, the team shall do their best to provide repair. Collection and delivery is included as standard with each iPod repair. For your confidence every iPod repair that the technicians complete comes with a warranty. This covers any any parts replaced.

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iPod Nano Repair

iPod Nano Repair

The service centre is always seeking to offer the most economically priced iPod Nano repairs, so get in contact today.


My iPod doesn't turn on, do I need an iPod repair?

An iPod not charging or turning on is often related to a faulty charging port or a dead battery. An iPod repair service covers these faults at a cost which is economical.


How much are iPod repairs ?

The price for Apple iPod repairs is always changing as components go out of stock or become cheaper. For instance an iPod Nano older than the 6th generation is not worth repairing as they are so cheap to buy online now.


Is iPod screen repair offered?

A commonly requested repair (especially for the Touch models), the technicians are professionals in iPod screen repair. Only compatiable screens will be used during the repair process.

7th generation ipod nano... works via bluetooth but not via headphones ( tried several pairs)

James Porter

when my ipod is on in my car (aux) the battery dies after 5 mins, seems to last longer with headphones.i think I need a new battery unless there is any other common fault in these ipod nanos? thankskaty


can you replace battery in my touch ipod

Michael Dixon

i have an ipod shuffle waterproof model which needs a new battery, are you able to fit one?

Ron Jones

the light on my ipod is not working and need the ipod to be fixed. I cannot access my itunes account so want to keep the music that I have on the ipod. can this be done and how much would this cost?

Pam lovell