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Camera Repair

Camera Repair

Gadget Fixing is an excellent answer for a camera repair that includes many camera brands. The knowledgeable technicians utilise high standard spare parts if component level repairs are not achievable and repair tools to carry out camera repair to a functioning condition again. The team are confident in the quality of their work, and regularly receive positive feedback from happy customers.

The vast majority of common issues with cameras can be repaired at a cost-effective price. Advice on the repairs necessary for DSLR, compact cameras and lenses can be supplied as well. Regular clients including high street retailers, insurance companies and media broadcasters to name but a few examples. So when you want a first quality camera repair, why look elsewhere?

Camera Repairs

Camera Repairs

Camera repairs from the technicians covers amateur digital cameras, professional DSLR models and lenses. Some of the main brands covered for camera repair are Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, and Pentax.

The knowledgeable team have experience in the out of warranty repair industry, and are happy to complete repairs for both individual and business clients. Whatever the issue with your camera is, Gadget Fixing can help. In most cases a digital camera repair is an affordable alternative to purchasing an expensive new camera.

The technicians will use only replacement components that are compatible with your model of camera. By using high grade components and tools, all repairs are durable and dependable.

Camera Lens Repair

Camera Lens Repair

Camera lens repairs cover most manufacturers and models. From consumer cameras to professional DSLR camera lenses, the staff can offer a camera lens repair at a fixed cost. The repair centres that Gadget Fixing get you in contact with have access to the high grade components and tools required for digital camera lens repair and cleaning. All lens repairs are carried out in a dust free working environment.

The camera repairs have a quick turnaround time, as we realise that you don't want to wait forever for a repair or service. Each one of the staff has the knowledge required to complete camera repairs to a professional standard.

In addition to camera lens repair , a number of other problems are repaired including damaged lens, no playback, not focusing, water damage, not turning on, mechanism jammed, CF socket repair, camera flash repair, and camera error codes. These are just a few of the problems covered by the service.

If you have a camera problem that isn't mentioned, feel free to contact Gadget Fixing to see if a service is possible. In addition to these repairs, camera sensor cleaning is also offered. To add even more value to the service provided, a warranty is supplied with every completed camera repair, this covers any parts used.

The service centre covers the whole of the UK mainland for camera repairs. This is achieved by including a simple collection and delivery service from your home or workplace. To arrange a camera repair, simply complete the website form with your details for a reply by email. Alternatively please phone the independent service centre for assistance.

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Camera Cleaning

Camera Cleaning

Camera cleaning for interchangeable lens cameras at affordable prices. Get rid of dark circles professionally - don't risk damage to your camera!


The lens on my camera is not opening. Can a camera lens repair be offered?

Faults with the camera lens are a common repair undertaken by the technicians. If you are looking for camera lens repair - Gadget Fixing can offer assistance.


Are camera repairs provided for water damage?

A camera repair covering water damage is offered but it is a complex process which need a complete disassembly and cleaning of the camera, alongside parts replacement in most cases.


The problem with my digital camera is not listed. Can a camera repair be offered?

As long as replacement parts are available, the technicians at the fully equipped service centre can offer digital camera repairs. For this reason the team does not service Kodak, Casio or Leica cameras.


I require a digital camera repair for it's still under warranty?

You should contact the manufacturer first if the problem with your digital camera is not related to accidental damage. The independent service centre offers cost-effective and quick non warranty digital camera repairs.

old camera,and the shutter does not open, can this be fixed?

Chris crane

camera lens stuck open. system error (focus)

David Miller

hi, one of the lens mount pins on the body of the camera is stuck down, its unable to autofocus and its throwing out the occasional 01 error apparently this is a common fault, how much would it be to replace the contact mount?thank you

Chris Feeney

viewing door will not open fully after being dropped. camera works fine but view finding difficult due to door only opening 45 degrees

Natalie Burley

hii have a problem with my camera and wonder if you could help. the zoom toggle doesn't work very well - when you turn it, it feels stuck and very tight, so either you cannot zoom, or if it does, it doesn't stop. looks like a problem with the zoom button itself.

Prakash Kachhala

the camera wont charge at all, we have tried using a different charger but it still wont charge or turn on. there is no light coming to indicate it is charging when plugged in. can I get a quote for repairs? thanks, nikka

Nikka Garcia