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Camcorder Repairs

Camcorder Repairs

Quick camcorder repairs by trained experts. Have cost-effective camcorder repairs for many faults, whether your camcorder model is new or old. Every completed camcorder repair includes a warranty, this covers components replaced for extra confidence that the repairs are of a professional standard.

In many situations, the camcorder repairs are more affordable than purchasing a costly new model from the manufacturer. A repair not only helps you to save money, but is also the fastest solution that allows you to keep software issues you're finding with your equipment, the technicians can help with camcorder repairs.

Camcorder Repair

Camcorder Repair

Have a cost-effective camcorder repair by an independent service centre that is JVC Pro Authorised. The professional technicians have the expertise to repair and service most types of camcorders, including analogue and digital models, as well as consumer and professional types.

A Camcorder repair can be carried out for all the popular makes, which include JVC, Sony, Canon, Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo and GoPro. Every repair is completed using top standard spare components and tools for reliable results. Whatever problems you're experiencing with your camcorder, Gadget Fixing is here to offer assistance.

A reliable camcorder repair can be provided for the general public and businesses within the United Kingdom. Obtain more information in regards camcorder repair by filling in the form. Alternatively please phone the repairers during working hours.

Video Camera Repair

Video Camera Repair

For an effective video camera repair, Gadget Fixing can assist by connecting you with professional technicians. They offer prompt turnaround times for camcorder repairs and at an economical price. The experts take pride in the quality of their work, and put customer satisfaction foremost.

Some of the common camcorder issues diagnosed and repaired by the technicians include viewfinder faults, error codes, LCD not working, tape jammed, focus problems, zoom faults, firewire issues, audio not working, circuitry failure, problems with image stabilising, and dead pixels. These are just a few of the most common issues that the team can fix.

Each completed camcorder repair includes a parts warranty and a test of its functions. The repair centre offering camcorder repairs has UK coverage which features collection and delivery as standard. It's a stress-free process and your video camera can be collected from your address, repaired and returned to you in a few days time.

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Sony Camcorder Repair

Sony Camcorder Repair

Sony Handycam repairs are conducted by the skilled technicians. A Sony Professional camcorder repair service is also provided.


My camcorder won't turn on?

This can be caused by a few different problems such as faulty batteries or loose wiring. A camcorder repair can resolve this issue.


I need an insurance quotation for a video camera repair?

Insurance quotes are available upon request as a chargeable service. This is deducted the cost of a video camera repair service if the quote is accepted. Prices are fixed for most camcorder repairs - an estimate will only be requirement if significant repair work is needed e.g. water damage and sand damage.


What camcorder models can the technicians repair?

The technicians has repaired a number of camcorder models including Sony Handycam, JVC Everio, Canon LEGRIA, GoPro Hero and Professional camcorder models. These are just a few of the video cameras serviced on a daily basis.


Can the team offer camcorder repairs for any model?

The staff aim to offer camcorder repairs for any consumer or professional camcorder on the model but it depends upon the brand, model and age of the video camera as this determines the supply of spare parts. For this reason Kodak and Casio camcorders are not economical to service.

no play back buttons wont work on tape player

Tony Wilks

tape half ejected then stuck.will not now move either way.photographer on cruise liner had a try to release it but could not work it out.

Ian Gant

i have a jvc everio hd camcorder and it does not open when using the battery,but works with external power source

Jine Ekanayake

motor will not turn the tape, it sounds like it's trying but can't, so then cuts out

Neil Heptinstall

need leads from my camcorder to my pc, not been used for many years, also the padded cover for the hand held strap

george edwards