Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair

If you're having issues with a sewing machine or overlocker, Gadget Fixing can help with a sewing machine repair service. The sewing machine repairs are quick, affordable and come with a warranty.

The staff have experience in dealing with modern and old sewing machines and overlockers across a number of well known brands, all sewing machine repairs are carried out using replacement parts and tools. Save money and time by getting your sewing machine repair from professionals with UK coverage for sewing machine repairs by independent repair centres.

Sewing Machine Repairs

Sewing Machine Repairs

Hassle free sewing machine repairs from skilled technicians working at workshops throughout the UK. The team have the expertise to deal with aspects of sewing machine repairs, across a well recognised brands.

Please note that the technicians cannot fix cheap, catalogue, or supermarket machines e.g. from Argos or Aldi, as their build quality is inferior and not cost-effective to repair. However repairs are worthwhile for premium brands, such as Singer, Brother, Janome and Bernina.

Sewing machine repairs are conducted using high quality spare parts and tools for a professional result every time. Book your sewing machine repair by completing the enquiry form with your details and a customer service representative will contact you back promptly during business hours.

Sewing Machine Service

Sewing Machine Service

Professional sewing machine service by technicians that are able to deal with a large variety of issues with sewing machines. The sewing machine service is carried out using professional tools, techniques and replacement components. This ensures that each sewing machine repair is carried out to a working condition again.

Here are some of the common problems that the staff are can repair:

• Tension problem
• Bobbin problems
• Breaking thread
• Machine only runs backwards not forwards
• Foot pedal keeps running when the pedal is not pressed
• Noisy sewing machine
• Skipping stitches
• Unresponsive panel
• Sewing machine is smoking

No matter the issue that you're discovering with your sewing machine the technicians will always do their best to offer assistance and provide a repair or service. For added reassurance all of the sewing machine repairs that the skilled team successfully carry out come with a warranty, this any components fitted during the sewing machine service. This is made possible through a collection and delivery service from your address and at a time suitable for you. In most cases, a sewing machine repair is cheaper and quicker than purchasing an equivalent model so why wait any more than necessary.

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Industrial Sewing Machine Repair

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair

Industrial sewing machine repairs are offered for businesses and educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities. Please get in contact with the team for further information on this professional service.


What does sewing machine maintenance include?

Sewing machine maintenance will include disassembly, lubrication, cleaning and removal of defective parts. Calibration and adjustment of your sewing machine would also be conducted before a test to ensure it functioning as originally intended.


How much will a sewing machine repair cost me?

The price of a sewing machine repair depend upon the manufacturer and model of sewing machine and of course the supply of replacement parts. For this reason very cheap sewing machines (often found in catalogue magazines or supermarkets) are not affordable to service.


How long will sewing machine repairs take to complete?

The sewing machine repairers aim to conduct sewing machine repairs customers within 5 businesses days (subject to parts being in stock and the service required).

Some brands take longer to fix because parts have become obsolete and thus they must be sourced from overseas suppliers but the technicians will keep you informed.

this is my mother-in-laws sewing machine. it is a 90 year old sewing maching fixed into a wooden cabinet. it cannot be removed for repair. the repair required is a belt replacement, which we have, we just need it installing. the jones family machine is model no. is x

Catherine Knight

i have a janome txl607 and the bobbin thread keeps shredding when I sew. I changed the needle, cleared lint and checked tension but still no improvement. started after sewing some heavier weight fabric

Vanisha Khunti

i think my stitch finger has broken off my overlocker. are you able to repair this machine?

Helen WInslet

my singer sewing machine runs smoothly and then the needle completely jams. I had to used pliers to get the needle out from the fabric last time. I would like to see if theres a fault I can get fixed.


my 50 year old bernina sewing machine needs a service and adjustment to the needle positioning knob.

Patricia King

sewing machine keeps jamming.

Dilys Hadley

sewing slowly and heavily have tried oiling machine with no improvement. hasnt been used for a while.

Laura Demarco