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Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair

Have a prompt laptop screen repair within 5 working days. Your laptop screen repair will be performed using high grade replacement screens and repair tools. You don't have to spend a fortune for a professional repair with the team.

A laptop screen repair service can be offered for both commercial and domestic clients. Every successful laptop screen repair includes a warranty as well. UK mainland coverage for laptop screen repair makes the service simple and convenient to schedule with the fully fitted independent repair centres.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Is your laptop screen damaged or displaying odd graphics? The skilled technicians can provide laptop screen replacement at the service centres. All of the major brands are covered including HP, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Acer, Dell Asus and Samsung.

The technicians have experience resolving laptop screen problems, and are able to repair most makes and models within a quick amount of time. From shattered laptop screens to broken backlight inverters and laptop hinges, no problem is too difficult for the technicians.

Every finished laptop screen replacement service comes with a warranty for extra reassurance that the repair has been carried out by professionals.

Laptop Screen Repairs UK

Laptop Screen Repairs UK

For laptop screen repairs covering physical damage, the technicians can help. Most issues with screens can be repaired. You can expect exceptional customer service and effective laptop repairs - all within the space of only 3-5 working days (subject to spare parts availability).

The technicians offer a range of services. Most makes of laptop bought within the UK can be fixed by the team offering laptop repairs. Common laptop screen problems include:

• Cracked or smashed screen
• Broken laptop hinges
• Laptop screen is very dim or dark
• Vertical lines on screen
• Dead pixels
• Laptop screen flickering
• Unusual colour on screen
• Blurry laptop screen

A wide range of problems that occur with laptop screens can be capably repaired within a short space of time. Every repaired laptop screen comes with a warranty as well. Book laptop screen repairs UK with the collection and delivery service. To obtain more information, just ring now or submit the online form. You can also ring the number displayed during working hours.

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Acer Laptop Screen Repair

Acer Laptop Screen Repair

When you require Acer laptop screen replacement for your Aspire, Gadget Fixing will help you locate a professional who can help.


The laptop screen is severely broken, is a laptop screen repair possible?

From small scratched in one corner to large ink blobs and vertical lines on screen, most broken laptop screens can be resolved with a laptop screen repair .


How much are laptop screen repair costs?

It depends upon the model, size, and make of the laptop screen but the professionals have experience in replacing all sorts of screens - from 11 inch all the way up to 17 inch laptop screen repair .


The screen is flickering, do I need a laptop screen repair?

Laptop screen flickering can be the result of a backlight inverter on your laptop failing. The technicians can replace this component at the service centre.

A laptop screen replacement service is required so that the motherboard, power cable, and casing are not damaged during a repair, which is why DIY repairs are not advised.

hi I have an archos av400 I have brought a new battery for it as the last one would charge up but not hold its charge but now nothing will charge up on it not even the new battery I have tried 3 new plugs and even connected it to my laptop but nothing is there anything you can do for me or dont you repair this sort of model please can you get back to me asap thanks dave please note it is not a con


wont turn on tried via car or laptop and 2 different leads


hi there,the keyboard needs replacing on this laptop, could we please have a quote to repair?many thanks,chris


hi,i have a acer extensa 15 laptop, with what we think is cracked screen we can't see a crack/hole.would we be able to have a quote on how much this is to be fixed ?many thanks roxie

Roxie Taylor

my laptop has been dropped. it is still fully working but the screenter behind the glass is damaged. could it be fixed and what prices can you give me please. lisa