Watch Repair Wandsworth

Watch Repair Wandsworth

Watch repair Wandsworth from UK specialists who repair and service over half a million watches a year. The watch repair Wandsworth service covers quartz, automatic and mechanical men's and women's watches. Each watch repair includes a warranty (18 months for battery replacement).

The experts have over 30 years of industry experience in providing watch repairs of the highest standard. All of the watch repairers are members of the BHI as well as the Watch and Clock Makers Guild. The professional watch repair Wandsworth covers bracelets, straps, watch glass, crown repairs, full watch servicing and batteries to name but a few examples.

Watch Repairs Wandsworth

Watch Repairs Wandsworth

Gadget Fixing offers watch repairs for Wandsworth at fully equipped workshops. The trained horology technicians have the necessary experience to provide a watch repair using top quality parts and tools for professional and long lasting results.

From simple repairs and part replacement, to a full service, many different watch faults can frequently be repaired. Watch repairs Wandsworth covers famous brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and Citizen. Your watch may hold a lot of sentimental value and the friendly staff complete a repair with the utmost care and attention to detail.

To organise a watch repair near Wandsworth, just complete the watch repair quote form. Please include your contact information and a brief description of the services required. You will receive a free estimate by email or phone.

Watch Service Wandsworth

Watch Service Wandsworth

A watch service for Wandsworth utilises modern repair techniques, top quality watch parts and equipment, to ensure a high quality repair every time. A watch service covering Wandsworth is suitable for men's and women's watches which utilise automatic or quartz movements and are carried out by experts.

The staff are able to accurately diagnose and resolve many different watch faults, and some of the services offered include:

• Watch restoration
• Watch servicing
• Watch battery replacement
• Dial restoration
• Watch strap replacement
• Crown replacement

These are just a couple of the watch repairs offered by the experienced watch repairers. With a quick turnaround time and a reputation for excellence, don't hesitate to contact the experts for a watch service covering Wandsworth.

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Rolex Watch Repairs Wandsworth

Rolex Watch Repairs Wandsworth

The Rolex watch repair service for Wandsworth provides an effective solution to issues - whether it's a Date, Submariner, Yacht Master, GMT Master or Speedking, the watch repair specialists can help.


How are watch repairs Wandsworth offered?

Watch repairs for Wandsworth are offered by a fuss-free postal service. Alternatively, customers can visit over 50 branches in the UK for a watch repair or service.


I require watch strap replacement Wandsworth?

The workshops offer watch strap and bracelet replacement for Wandsworth service which covers leather, rubber, PVC watch straps and metal bracelets. Even straps which are specific to particular watch models can be acquired.


My mechanical watch has been gaining time in Wandsworth, does it need a repair?

It is normal for mechanical watches to gain time as they get older. However, if your mechanical watch randomly gains time over a day or two, then a watch service for Wandsworth is highly recommended.

Many watches should be serviced every four years as parts will start to wear out due to oils inside the watch drying up. When your watch isn't serviced, the entire watch mechanism can become damaged, which can result in a more time-consuming and expensive repair.


How much does a repair cost?

The price will depend on what needs fixing along with the brand and model. Because of the vast variety of watches available, its difficult to publish a price list for watch repairs, you will need to contact the team to get an exact price


My watch is just scratched and not broken, can only that be replaced?

Sometimes, the team of horologists will be able to replace the glass that covers the watch face in most instances for valuable watches. wrist watches that are less expensive are generally manufactured to be thrown away when they become worn or broken.

hi, I have a new watch and am hoping to get it resized as its too big for me. how much do you charge for this? are you open at the moment? thanks emily

Emily Beck

the glass is broken on my armani watch and I wanted to know how much itll cost and where you are located thanks.

Ahsan Zafar

hi its incredible I have two rolex watches, now like me getting on in years, but little a matter of two weeks the pin in both have broken. I have the crowns safe both watches are running perfectly, always have, but now I cant adjust the time etc. could you please give me an indication of the cost of repair. thank you david


garmin gps golf watch not holding charge

Daniel O’Mahony

need the screen replaced on my fossil watch and would like to know the price to fix.

Stewart maddison

how much to replace the battery and reseal the watch by postal delivery

Graeme Williams

i have the above eco drive watch which has been left in a drawer for a few years and will not now recharge. how much would a new battery cost to repair this? please email me rather than phone

Jill Broom