Watch Repair Kensington

Watch Repair Kensington

Watch repair Kensington from UK professionals who repair and service over 500,000 watches a year. The watch repair Kensington service covers quartz, automatic and mechanical men's and women's watches. Every watch repair comes with a warranty (18 months for battery replacement).

The specialist have over thirty years of industry experience in providing watch repairs of the highest standard. All of the watch repairers are members of the BHI as well as the Watch and Clock Makers Guild. The excellent watch repair Kensington covers bracelets, straps, watch glass, crown repairs, full watch servicing and batteries to name just a few examples.

Watch Repairs Kensington

Watch Repairs Kensington

Gadget Fixing offers watch repairs for Kensington at modern workshops. The knowledgeable horology technicians have the necessary expertise to offer a watch repair using top quality parts and tools for professional and long lasting results.

From simple repairs and part replacement, to a full service, most watch problems can often be repaired. Watch repairs Kensington covers well known brands such as Omega, Breitling and Citizen. Your wristwatch can hold a lot of emotional value and the friendly staff carry out a repair with the utmost care and attention to detail.

To arrange a watch repair near Kensington, simply fill in the watch repair quote form on the left. Please include your contact details and a short description of the services required. You will get a completely free estimate.

Watch Service Kensington

Watch Service Kensington

A watch service for Kensington utilises specialist repair techniques, high standard watch parts and equipment, to ensure a high quality repair every time. A watch service covering Kensington is suitable for men's and women's watches which utilise quartz or automatic movements and are carried out by experts.

The staff are able to accurately diagnose and resolve many different watch faults, and some of the services provided include:

• Watch restoration
• Watch servicing
• Watch battery replacement
• Dial restoration
• Watch strap replacement
• Crown replacement

These are just a couple of the watch repairs offered by the knowledgeable watch repairers. With a quick turnaround time and a reputation for excellence, don't hesitate to contact the specialists for a watch service covering Kensington.

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Rolex Watch Repairs Kensington

Rolex Watch Repairs Kensington

The Rolex watch repair service for Kensington provides an effective solution to issues - whether it's a Date, Submariner, Yacht Master, GMT Master or Speedking, the watch repairers can help.


How are watch repairs Kensington offered?

Watch repairs for Kensington are offered with a convenient postal service. Alternatively, customers can visit over 50 stores in the UK for a watch repair or service.


I am looking for watch strap replacement Kensington?

The workshops offer watch strap and bracelet replacement for Kensington service which covers leather, rubber, PVC watch straps and metal bracelets. Even straps which are specific to particular watch models can be obtained.


My mechanical watch is gaining time in Kensington, does it need a repair?

It is usual for mechanical watches to gain time eventually. However, if your mechanical watch suddenly gains time over one or two days, then a watch service for Kensington is strongly recommended.

Most watches should be serviced every 5 years as parts will start to wear out due to oils inside the watch drying up. When a watch isn't serviced, the whole watch movement can become damaged, which often result in a more difficult and expensive repair.


How much will a repair cost?

The price will depend on what needs fixing along with the make and model. Due to the vast variety of watches available, its quite difficult to publish a price list for watch repairs, you will need to contact the team to get an exact price


My watch is just scratched and not broken, can I just get that fixed?

Often, the team of horologists will be able to replace the glass that covers the watch face in most cases for valuable watches. wrist watches that are less expensive are usually made to be disposable when they become worn or damaged.

i have a ladies accurist watch, that needs the battery it possible to have a quote please. I look forward to hearing from you.keep safe.thank wishesedwina

Edwina King

watch strap just needs a new pin at the connection to the main body pin has snapped.would be grateful for a quote.many thanksmatt

Matt Tingle

my watch needs a strap and battery

Jennifer Elliott

how much would it cost to correct a mechanical watch that is gaining time - about 5 minutes a day?

Philip Elston

hi its incredible I have two rolex watches, now like me getting on in years, but little a matter of two weeks the pin in both have broken. I have the crowns safe both watches are running perfectly, always have, but now I cant adjust the time etc. could you please give me an indication of the cost of repair. thank you david


hello I have two watches to repair. one is a hugo boss and one armani. both need a new strap/bracelet which will have to be leather. the armani watch needs a new battery too.