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Mobile Phone Repair London

Mobile Phone Repair London

A prompt mobile phone repair for London is offered by Gadget Fixing for the public and businesses across the United Kingdom. Most mobile phone repairs for London can be finished in 5 working days, so you won't be without your phone for too long as the repair centre use high quality spare components and repair tools.

This mobile phone repair for London service covers all the major brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony, Motorola and LG. No matter the issue with your mobile phone, a professional repair service can be offered for cracked screens, broken charging ports, stuck buttons and much more.

Mobile Phone Repairs London

Mobile Phone Repairs London

Gadget Fixing is pleased to provide affordable mobile phone repairs for London via service centres across the United Kingdom. The technicians will actually repair the original phone, replacing any broken parts that they discover whilst diagnosing and carrying out the repair.

Physical damage to your phone is not covered by the original warranty and a replacement can be very expensive. You may be interested in a DIY repair but we wouldn't recommend as today's mobile phones are high-end devices which require specialist tools to repair. The internal components are easy to damage as well in these phones and thus it is important that professional perform the mobile phone repair for London.

If you would more information regarding mobile phone repairs London, simply submit the online form with your enquiry, and a member of the team will contact you back promptly to assist.

Phone Repairs London UK

Phone Repairs London UK

If you're experiencing problems with your mobile phone, Gadget Fixing can help with phone repairs London UK from national repair centres. The technicians fix a large number of mobile phone problems caused by impact damage or general wear and tear, such as:

• Smashed screen
• Speaker isn't working
• Microphone doesn't work
• Faulty charging port
• Software problems
• Battery replacement
• Faulty touch screen

These are only some of the mobile phone issues repaired by the professional team who can answer any questions in regards to the repair of your smartphone. We know how vital your mobile phone is to you, which is why the repair centre will try its utmost to successfully finish a repair. This is reflected by the recent feedback from clients who have used Gadget Fixing to organise a mobile phone repair for London. The service offered is convenient to organise as express collection and delivery which can be organised from your work or home address. There is no need to locate a shop or to send your mobile phone via post.

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Nokia Repair London

Nokia Repair London

The technicians provide professional Nokia Lumia repairs for London so that your mobile phone is fixed and sent back to you in the shortest amount of time possible. Some of the well known models covered by the Nokia repair service include the Lumia 630, 650, 830, 930, 950 and 1050.


What models does phone screen repair London include?

The technicians perform a mobile phone screen repair London service for all the main mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire, Sony Xperia Z5, Nokia Lumia, BlackBerry Classic and more.


Will a phone repair London service include a warranty?

Yes, every successful phone repair for London includes a warranty covering any spare parts used. Please be aware that the limited warranty from the manufacturer doesn't cover accidental damage - Gadget Fixing helps you find independent repairers.


What determines the cost of mobile phone repairs London?

The price of mobile phone repairs London is determined by the fault being repaired, the age of the device, and which model it is.

cracked front screen on iphone4

Claire Chignell

iphone 7 screen repair

matthew harding

hi I have what I believe to be a broken backlight on my iphone. the screen works perfectly however I can only see it when it's dark and looks completely black in the day. I was just wondering if you could fix the issue and how much it would cost? thank you.

Olivia Firth

stupid mistake. new to iphones. absentmindedly inserted sim card without tray. now stuck unable to remove it. quote please? many thanks.

Marie Grogan