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Console Repairs Southampton

Console Repairs Southampton

When you need fast and first class console repairs for Southampton, go to the experts. Console repairs Southampton for PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii consoles is inexpensive with Gadget Fixing. The team have experience in the trade, and are proud of the quality of their work.

Whatever the problem you are having with your console, the team will do their best to get it looking and working like new again. A range of different console problems can be repaired, including Red Ring of Death, console not turning on, Yellow Light of Death, and the disc tray not working. Many other problems can be covered as well.

Console Repair Southampton

Console Repair Southampton

Console repair Southampton with the help of Gadget Fixing, for a truly stress-free experience that saves you time and money. The staff provide top quality console repair services. Each of the technicians are carried out using high grade components that are appropriate for your model of console. The technicians use modern techniques to achieve durable results, and so that your console gets back to you in full working order.

A game console repair for Southampton typically takes just 3-5 business days and this service is offered across the UK for individuals and businesses. Collection of your console can be arrange within a one hour time-slot. You can also drop off the game console at local collection points. Trade deals are available for those who require regular repairs for numerous units, whilst a bulk repair discount is also available for domestic customers.

To schedule your console repair for Southampton or if you want more information, simply fill out with the online form and a customer service representative will respond by phone or email shortly. Alternatively please call them for more assistance. You can track your repair through a dedicated website at any point.

Game Console Repair Southampton

Game Console Repair Southampton

Game console repair Southampton by independent repair centres. The technicians offer a prompt non warranty repair service. In many scenarios, a game console repair for Southampton is a much more cost-effective option when compared to purchasing an expensive replacement. It also means that you can keep your console and data for longer.

Common hardware and software issues that you might experience with your PlayStation, Xbox or Wii include Red ring of death, Blue light of death, HDMI port replacement, overheating, faulty laser, damaged hard drive, and console not accepting games. No matter the problem that you are having with your console, the technicians have the skill needed to offer an effective game console repair service for Southampton.

Each successfully completed console repair Southampton service comes with a warranty, this covers any any parts that were replaced during the repair service. The console receives a full clean and service. It is then tested for issues before it is returned to you. Providing excellent customer service is vital to the repair centres and this is reflected by the testimonials that they receive and review on a regular basis. Each game console repair for Southampton includes collection and delivery service from your address for additional convenience.

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Wii Repair Southampton

Wii Repair Southampton

The Nintendo Wii repair Southampton service is quick to book with the independent repair centres. Whether it is not ejecting discs or reading games properly, the skilled technicians can offer assistance.


Will games console repairs for Southampton come with a warranty?

Each successful game console repair for Southampton comes with a warranty covering parts replaced during the repair process.


How much does console repairs Southampton cost?

Game console repair Southampton costs will vary by the games console you own and the problem that it has. Please note that modding services are not provided.


How long will console repairs Southampton take to complete?

The typical turnaround time for game console repairs Southampton and Hampshire is 3-5 working days. This includes collection, repair and return by the independent repair centres. In some cases it might take longer if faults not originally described in your enquiry are discovered or if replacement parts need to be source, in which case you shall be informed.


Does a console repair Southampton service cover gaming accessories?

The team does not repair or sell spare accessories for game consoles e.g. DualShock controls, Kinect, Wii fitness boards. However there is one exception - Wii U GamePad screen replacement for Southampton is achievable.

my ps4 will stay o for about 5 to 10 minutes then pop up on screen saying console too hot shut down it has been cleaned but get pop up since


my ps4 sometimes has sound but there is no video/picture and sometimes there is no sound and no picture


i dropped my ps3 slim and now it I cant get a picture up. I have tried re setting it different screens and outputs and changing the hard drive. the power seems to be working ok.


evening, I have turned on my ps4

Yvette Priddy

ps4 pro seems is stuck in safe mode and wont restart or load up. it seems as though the power button is stuck as if its always trying to turn on and it doesnt click anymore. if someone could take a look and quote please.