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Camera Repair Bristol

Camera Repair Bristol

Gadget Fixing is a fantastic answer for a camera repair Bristol that covers most camera makes. The skilled technicians utilise high grade spare parts if component level repairs are not achievable and repair tools to complete camera repair Bristol to a working condition again. The team are proud of the quality of their work, and regularly receive positive feedback from happy customers.

Most faults with cameras can be repaired at an economical price. Advice on the repairs necessary for DSLR, compact cameras and lenses can be provided as well. Regular clients including high street retailers, insurance companies and media broadcasters to name but some examples. So if you want a top quality camera repair for Bristol, why look anywhere else?

Camera Repairs Bristol

Camera Repairs Bristol

Camera repairs Bristol from the repair centre covers amateur digital cameras, professional DSLR models and lenses. Some of the popular brands covered for camera repair are Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, and Pentax.

The trained team have experience in the out of warranty repair industry, and are happy to carry out repairs for both individual and commercial clients. Whatever the problem with your camera is, Gadget Fixing can offer assistance. In many cases a digital camera repair for Bristol is a cost-effective alternative to buying a costly replacement camera.

The technicians will use only replacement parts which are suitable your model of camera. By using high quality parts and equipment, all repairs are durable and dependable.

Camera Lens Repair Bristol

Camera Lens Repair Bristol

Camera lens repairs Bristol covering most manufacturers and models. From amateur cameras to professional DSLR camera lenses, the staff can offer a camera lens repair for Bristol at a fixed cost. The repair centres that Gadget Fixing get you in contact with have access to the high quality parts and tools required for digital camera lens repair and cleaning. All lens repairs are carried out in a dust free working environment.

The camera repairs close to Bristol have a prompt turnaround time, as we understand that you don't want to wait ages for a repair or service. Each one of the technicians has the experience required to conduct camera repairs to a professional standard.

In addition to camera lens repair Bristol, a number of other issued are repaired including damaged lens, no playback, not focusing, water damage, power problems, mechanism jammed, CF socket repair, camera flash repair, and camera error codes. These are just a few of the faults covered by the service.

If you have a camera fault that isn't mentioned, feel free to enquire with Gadget Fixing to see if a repair is possible. In addition to these repairs, camera sensor cleaning is also offered. To add even more value to the service offered, a warranty is provided with each successful camera repair near Bristol, this covers any parts replaced.

The repair centre covers the whole of the UK mainland for camera repairs. This is achieved by including a straightforward collection and delivery service from your address. To book a camera repair near Bristol, simply fill in the online form with your details for a reply by email. Alternatively please phone the independent repair centre for assistance.

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Digital Camera Repair Bristol

Digital Camera Repair Bristol

Digital camera repair Bristol for consumer models are economical. In the vast majority of cases, digital camera repairs for Bristol are provided by the repair centres.


The lens on my camera is stuck. Can a camera lens repair be offered?

Issues with the camera lens are a common repair completed by the technicians. If you need camera lens repair Bristol - we can offer assistance.


Are camera repairs Bristol provided for water damage?

A camera repair for Bristol covering water damage is offered but it is a complex process which requires a complete disassembly and cleaning of the camera, alongside parts replacement in most cases.


The fault with my digital camera is not displayed. Can a camera repair for Bristol be offered?

As long as spare parts are available, the team at the large service centre can offer digital camera repairs near Bristol. For this reason the team will not service Kodak, Casio or Leica cameras.


I require a digital camera repair for Bristol and it's still under warranty?

You should contact the manufacturer first if the problem with your digital camera is not related to accidental damage. The independent repair centre offers cost-effective and quick out of warranty digital camera repairs near Bristol.

hi, I bought an olympus pen f with 14-42 zuiko kit pancake lense in april x it has given great service and we continue to be very pleased with it. unfortunately, the lense was accidentally dropped and although there is no physical sign of damage, we have found it occasionally over exposes by up to 2 stops. it now shows general us and exposure problems. a different lense doesn't show this

David Haynes

i have the above compact camera and it seems to have a couple of specs of dirt inside which is showing up on all photos. wonder if you can give me an idea what it would cost to have these cleaned out. I have bought a replacement camera but it is not so good as this one.

Frances Cunningham

the card is stuck in my camera, and i'll need a card reader as the camera is no longer compatible with windows x

Margaret Nelson

hello,the camera is working fine, however when headphones are plugged into the ac point there is really bad feedback going into the ears which means we can't preview the audio as we go along. the audio is working fine internally and is exporting with the correct sound, but not having this option means we can only use sound bars to test the audio quality which isn't best practice.thank yo

Tom Outing

hi,i'm getting error 01 communications between the camera and lens is faulty. clean the lens contacts. I have tried many things to fix this but nothing has worked, I have found the lens works on a wide apature however. i'm just enquiring on prices for lens repairs please, the camera i'm using is canon 50d.thanks in advance chris


hi,my flash on my camera is not working, when I take a picture I can see a very faint flash (so maybe the bulb?)how much would repair be?thanks